How to Select the Right Company for iOS Training in Chandigarh & Mohali?

As you have already spent a good amount of money on your engineering degree, the decision of spending an additional amount on an industrial training course should be taken wisely. But, if you choose a company just on the grounds of the fee it charges, there is a risk of not just wasting the precious time of your life but also the money of your parents.

Therefore, before selecting any company for iOS training in Mohali & Chandigarh, you must figure out a few things about that company to ensure its ability to deliver the effective training. Following are a few parameters that you must consider before taking the final decision:

Training Methodology and Course Material

The company or institute you choose should have a well-defined training technique and study material. Audio podcasts, video tutorials, PPTs, notes, and other supporting materials make even complex code easier to understand with fewer efforts. This material serves as a good technical reference or helps you even after the completion of your course.

Check Track Record

Do some research online and find out from how long the company providing iOS Training in Mohali & Chandigarh has been active. How is their reputation in the industry? Do they provide regular training to trainees or they introduce courses at a specified time? A few companies offer training only when they are in need of a fresher developer. It may serve as a plus point for you because in such scenarios you might get a chance to work on a live project.

Training Hours

The expertise in iOS development comes after lots of practice on the technologies which require more number of training hours. A number of companies specify the training duration of around 3-6 months. But, when you request for details, you will come to know that the class is of 2 hrs every day. So, always ask for the total number of training hours instead of total months. It is estimated that you need to spend at least 4 hours every day initially for 3 months to learn iOS development.

Find Out the Information about Trainers

For effective iOS Training in Mohali & Chandigarh, great course materials and long hours of training aren’t only enough. If that was the situation, most of you would have a job offer after engineering. So try to collect as much as possible information about your would be trainers. Requesting a biographical timeline of your trainers to find out whether he/she is having the relevant experience or not is not at all a crime. After all, it is the question of your career and you are spending money on it.

Industry Standard Fees

Doesn’t matter how great the course is, the charges always play an essential factor in selecting the company for iPhone training in Mohali. Consult at least 5-6 training institute about the fee they charge so that you can get an idea of the market standard. Depending on that, find out the best option and go for it. In case you find the best one costly, it’s your choice whether to compromise on expenses or quality.

Figure Out the Processes they Follow and Technologies They Use

iOS Training in Mohali & Chandigarh is not only about learning a particular programming language like Objective C or Swift. It is about gaining a real understanding of how concepts or ideas for iOS apps are translated into the feature rich and unit tested prototypes that get the app store approval. It is about how we can bring together Xcode, Swift and iOS SDK in work with third-party APIs.

So, it is very essential that the iOS training course you choose should have equal weight age to all above-mentioned processes and technologies. If not, you will end up being a developer who knows how to code but does not have any idea of what to code and why.

Placement Opportunities

A lot of iOS training institutes ensure placements, while others give no assurance, but tend to assist the students with placement after the completion of the course. Get an idea of the placement opportunities from different organizations. But, do not leave a good option just because they are not giving 100% placement guarantee.

If you do not have a job offer even after 4 years of engineering degree, how can you expect that somebody will promise you a job after a course of 3 or 6 months? It is better, to expect help but not assurance. If you are able to develop the required skills, you will surely get a job offer. No offense!

Don’t Join To Have Fun

Remember, you are not a student anymore! You are about to enter a professional environment so behave like a professional. Also do not follow “Where you go I go” scenario while selecting a company for Mobile App Development Training in Mohali, Chandigarh. Just because your friend joins an institute, don’t show up blindly and pay the charges as well. Get to know whether the company will help you in acquiring the required specialized skills or not. Rest everything is only an illusion to deviate you from your path.

So, when you go to find a company or iOS training institute, make sure to use this checklist to find out the right one. We at Apptunix are dedicated to making the iOS training process as seamless as possible along with being effective. If you want the best trainers, professional environment and hands-on experience of working on emerging technologies in iOS, give us a shot! For more information, you can contact us at 0172 4008203.

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