Web Designing Training in Mohali, Chandigarh

Course Duration – 6 Months/6 Weeks


Apptunix is a leading Web Designing Training provider in Chandigarh and Mohali. We offer advanced level Web Designing course for students who want to make career as a web designer. Most of the Website Designing institute covers the technicalities of building responsive sites and is intended for web developers but here we make you seek the most from this course and understand everything enclosed in Web Design.

We have intended courses that are tailor-made for every aspect of Web Technology and students who enroll with us get the opportunity to become complete professionals. In this program you will learn how to design websites by using latest technologies in web designing like Flat UI Design, Minimalism, Micro UX, Varied typography, monochromatic design, Fixed position content/navigation, Fixed Navigation, Responsiveness, Video Content, “Branded” Typography, One-Page Scrolling, HypercolourCompact Sidebars, Parallax designs, SVG Animation, Storytelling Design and other tools that are required to design breathtaking websites.

Being a leading brand in web design and development, Apptunix follows the maxim of freedom to young trainees to exercise their creative muscles .In the current digital era everyone needs their websites to reach their potential customers online. With more and more internet penetration and increasing number of smartphone users; Digital Marketing is going to be the future and websites are the windows for businesses from where they can communicate with their consumers and clients online. So if websites are going to gain the traction then it is very essential for students who want to be expert web designers to enrol in web designing training in Chandigarh and Mohali.

We are best known for our web designing courses in Mohali and Chandigarh. Our web designing modules are tailor-made keeping the your grasping skills in the mind. It starts with the basics and then goes up to the advance level of training. We make our students learn all the critical rules of web designing. Starting from HTML5 & CSS3 we make our trainees learn how to take care of the responsiveness of websites so that they run smoothly across all the devices.


Introduction to Web Design
Domain Names & DNS
Careers in Web Technologies
Client and Server Software.
Static & Dynamic
Creating Custom Effects
Introduction of Stock Photography
Layers, Actions and Filters
Conversation of Design to XHTML
Using Photoshop Tools
Design Banners, Basic Website Layout
Types of Images and Image Editing Tools
Design Complex website Layout
Introduction to CSS
Types of style sheets
Creating Appealing forms using CSS
Types of CSS Selectors
Custom CSS Layout Design
Creating simple and dropdown menus
Converting Table layout to CSS
Complete CSS properties
CSS Tips and Tricks with Hacks
Introduction to Java Scripting/jQuery
Types of Java Scripts/jQuery
Objects, Events and DOM
Java Script Validations
Variables, operators, loops
Common java script functions
Using Java script/jQuery
Implementing Menus, Galleries, Sliders etc
Various Browser Versions
W3C Validating the XHTML & CSS
Common Compatibility Issues
Introduction to Animation
Introduction to Adobe Flash
Frame Animation
Tools in Adobe Flash
Creating Flash Banners
Various Flash Effects
Creating Flash Intro’s
Structure of HTML
Advanced HTML Tags
Basic HTML Tags
Introduction to Doc Types
Difference between HTML & XHTML
XHTML Basic tags
Defining a site
Introduction to HTML Tools
Adding Content and Multimedia.
Creating user submission forms.
Learning the interface
Importing a website design
Dynamic Features
Creating a concept and layout
Choosing a Color Scheme
Conversation of Design to CSS
Choosing Stock Photography
Texture and Typography
Design a Professional Layout
Implementing JavaScript
Using FTP Client
Linux and Windows CP
Web Hosting Basics
Changing Name Servers
Maintaining a Website
Types of Hosting Packages

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