Top Most Mobile Apps that Created a Buzz in 2016

It has been observed that mobile phones have improved in the recent years. They have surpassed the phase of just calling or texting. You may utilize them in order to save money and be debt free. The mobile apps can also be used for maintaining your everyday costs.

The biggest issues for most of us to solve with several of the apps prevalent in the market is how to use them and how they can actually save the money.
We will discuss the mobile apps that created a buzz in 2016:
1. Buffer
It is an app that can assist you in sharing content to the various social media channels. One fine aspect about this app is that it lets you schedule the posts to be published at the best time. One can let Buffer decide what time is the finest.

2. PixxFly
This is yet another exciting app that facilitates the distribution of all your content to different channels across the internet with a mere click of a button. This app gives you the analytics for every post.

3. Pagemodo
This mobile app is utilized to set up various organization pages or Facebook business. It assists you in making interesting visual aspects and also features that are customized. This app motivates fan interaction without the need of any expert assistance. This app enables you to get the best content for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
4. Ibotta
This is an app that has got a direct relationship with the manufacturers and retailers. This is a highly cost efficient app. This app lets you do small alterations such as viewing a video or going through the nutrition label. When you have finished with that and bought the product you can get genuine cash sent to your through venmo or paypal. It’s surely a nice means for you to save money and get a nice cash back on wonderful products.
5. Gas Buddy
We have seen quite often that the prices for gas are changing day by day. The gas price may be one price for a day and a varied price for the next day. In case you want to ensure that you get the finest price on gas in your city, this is an app that would prove to be highly beneficial.
This app enables the users to upload the gas prices at some particular gas stations. The users will be aware where they actually want to move to in order to fill up.
6. Snip Snap
Snip Snap would be the best solution for you in case you prefer couponing but want to avoid possessing all the coupons on hand. This is a highly creative app which enables you to click a photo of your coupon and then scan it on your phone in the store. A nice aspect about this app is that it makes the process of couponing simpler.
7. Grocery IQ
This app provides you the ability to find coupons and deals in a simple way. It enables you to make some grocery lists by barcode, voice and text. Various lists may be made for your best stores with the help of this app.
8. Bill Tracker
In order to be systematic, you have to ensure that your bills are organized. This app makes it feasible for you to view your bill due dates and also the minimum payments. You can elevate your credit score with this app.
9. Retail me Not
This is a mobile app that will let you get your coupons with considerable ease. The finest aspect of this app is that the users rate the coupons so that the other users may view the success rates of the provided discounts.
10. Mint
This mobile app enables you to view where your money is going. This app will make you budget in a better way and see to it where most of your money is spent every month.
11. Key Ring
This is a wonderful app that helps you have your sanity. This app helps you get exclusive deals and coupons when you associate your loyalty program with this app.
12. Ebates
With this app, you can get some cash back from your purchases. You can get rewarded from this app when you do the shopping.
13. Yipit
With this app, you can eradicate your email overload. This app facilitates you to view the everyday deals that are progressing without the need of having to subscribe for email subscriptions for most of the stores you enjoy doing the shopping.

Those are about the best mobile apps of 2016. They all have some unique features about them and bring value to the user.
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