What students stand to gain from Mobile phones in the classroom?

While the world of mobiles is changing our lifestyles habits on everyday basis, there still remains a question over whether mobile phones should be allowed in the classrooms or not?

The impact of mobiles we’ve seen from making us more informed, informative and confident about the world and our life in general has proved to be yet another blessing of technology.

From socializing, news-reading, activity tracking to listening music and watching movies, smartphones never let you get bored.

It comes as no surprise, that millennials turn out to be most active users of smartphones.

Smartphones open up a worldful of opportunities for this young generation to do more and stay focused to their goals.

There are mobiles apps for virtually every faculty of sports and learning. The way these apps help and get more done in an organized way.

That makes a valid argument for permitting the use of mobile phones in the classrooms that has until now been looked at scornfully by the educational institutions.

But there are reasons and indeed signs that such attitude might take a turn and change for better.

  • A fitting alternative to textbooks


The wealth of information that smartphones can bring up within a few tap of fingers is unmatched by any textbook.

You can find any number of references and more relevant information on a given topic of your subject. Textbooks can only offer limited context.

Add to that the burden of bulky books that are uncomfortable to carry around, they are becoming very unpopular among the younger generation.

  1. The future is mobile


With so much advance in the mobile technology, it’s becoming more and more evident that smartphones are futureproof.

It’s therefore safe to assume that any challenge that arises in the coming age and time, smartphones would be able to rise to the occasion and prove their worth.

That makes a good case for incorporating their usage in the classrooms or learning spaces.

Instead of thinking as a hindrance to learning, why not encourage students to learn through mobiles and then kick-start a conversation that’s more interactive and enticing to participate in.

When we expect more things to be done through the medium of smart devices, it’s a good idea to make children as much used to them in their formative years as possible.

  1. Staying attuned to the latest

More of an adjunct to the point about alternative to textbook, this one deserves a special mention.

The syllabi and the learning material keeps undergoing changes and at times way too frequently, in that instance, textbooks are rendered almost useless and misinformative.

Most of the content on the internet however is updated from time to time and that means if you’re relying on the web for reference, you’re safe and rightly informed.

Another reason why the use of smartphones should be given a clear-go and incorporated in the classrooms.

  1. Say no to old-fashioned notepads


Simple as it sounds, mobile phones let you quickly jot down important notes with the ease of voice.

This allows students to go paperless and without a pen to the school.

Not only contributing to the environment in a positive manner, mobile phones offer a more organized and safe place for all your important notes.

Students can easily take notes and mark them as important for further research and study. That takes losing out your note or having it washed in your clothes out of the equation.

  1. Staying attuned to important events

Relying on the conventional notice board for major updates could easily be negated with the use of smartphones.

Students can create their own list of important dates, upcoming events and set exam preparation alarms and such to keep themselves alarmed and informed at all times.

It takes very little effort to jot down something in your phone and add a reminder to it. That’s it, after that it’s your smartphone’s job to alert you of a given date.

  1. GPS tracking


The advanced GPS tracking feature can be really useful for parents.

From knowing if their kids are attending the school properly to sending help to them in case they get lost somewhere, GPS tracking can be a life-saver.

The facts just keep adding on in favour of the allowance of smartphones in the classrooms.

These are just some of the salients features as to why the usage of mobile phones in the classrooms should be encouraged.

As the technology moves forward, we’ll find out more advanced and beneficial ways to putting smartphones to good use in the overall educational structure.

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