An Interview is a back-breaking process irrespective of your knowledge and experience. Every one of us feels anxious on the day before the interview. And, if you are heading towards a new career then your first job interview is surely going to be a difficult one than a general job interview.

You have prepared hard, maybe you have some work experience as well; but, the interview is going to be the real deal and you obviously will not want to mess this up. In this post, we will offer some tips particularly for those confronting their first interview for iOS developer’s profile. With our assistance, you’ll be completely prepared to impress your boss with your experience, specialized knowledge, and willingness to learn and develop skills.

Here are a few tips to enable you to plan and additionally some typical questions you might be asked in iOS Development Interview. Reviewing them and knowing what’s going to come from your interviewer will make it a less stressful experience.

A Few Tips for the Interview

Research Deeply: If you haven’t done some profound research on the organization/company, this is the ideal time to do as such. Dive deep in the company’s website, read their mission statement, look at their photos and figure out the general environment of the company. These things will give you an idea of what you should wear for the interview and how you are supposed to talk while answering the questions of the interviewer.

Turn off Your Phone: Nothing is more regrettable than your cell phone ringing in the middle of an interview. If there is any kind of emergency circumstances that require you to keep your phone on, tell the interviewer ahead of the time.

Arrive early: Whether it is a physical face-to-face interview, a Skype call or a conference, try to arrive early – at least 10-15 minutes for a face-to-face interview and at least 5 minutes for an online one.

Prepare your questions: When the interview ends, the candidate is often asked if he/she is having any questions to ask. Don’t let this opportunity go. Have questions prepared in advance about the organization and additionally the responsibilities related to the job.

General Questions to Prepare

These questions are intended to provide an interviewer with a general impression of your personality, your enthusiasm for the position and your willingness to work with a team.

  • “Introduce Yourself.” While answering this question, you should focus on your experience and education, not your personal life. The interviewer doesn’t want to listen about your family or marital status at this point of time.
  • “How do you solve problems?” Have your procedure very much well-defined and set up your answer ahead of time.
  • “What are your weaknesses?” You don’t need to be too honest here. Figure out a weakness in advance, clarify it, and furthermore describe how you manage that weakness effectively, or how that weakness can be utilized productively.

These are only a couple of general questions you will be asked. The interviewer is extremely hoping to see that you can communicate well and you are very much interested in the position. If you don’t want to look like an inexperienced candidate, planning for these kinds of questions is really essential.

Technical Questions to Prepare

At this point, you cannot possibly answer every one of the questions you may be asked because you are a fresher. Be sure that you understand Objective-C 2.0 forwards and backward. You will probably get questions regarding classes, messaging, swizzling, protocols and so on. See the Apple Objective-C guides and focus particularly on subject in which you feel weak; go to StackOverflow and see the most recent questions and answers.

You can practice answering the following questions with the understanding that they may or may not be asked. Simply practicing your answers will give you the confidence to deal with this part of the interview. Or if you feel that you need assistance before you go for an interview, consider going for an iOS development training in Chandigarh.

What is method swizzling and when do you utilize it? If you have not worked on swizzling yet, tell the interviewer. But do explain what it is and when you might use it.

What is the protocol in Objective-C? A protocol declares a programmatic interface that any class may select to implement. Read about it in detail and try to give as much explanation you know to the interviewer.

For what reason should retainCount never be utilized in the code for shipping? Do you know why you shouldn’t utilize it? Explain that.

How would you fix a memory leak? Here, you will need to flaunt your expertise in troubleshooting and in addition your knowledge of memory and instruments.

What is #import? #import guarantees that a file is just ever included once so you never have an issue with recursive includes.

How does an autorelease pool function at the runtime level? Your answer will show that you are capable of the profile and truly understand how coding functions.

What is the distinction among atomic and non-atomic property declarations? This sort of question again investigates how profound your understanding is as opposed to exactly what you have seen others do.

Explain code signing. Be prepared for this. It tells the interviewer that your knowledge is in depth and not simply superficial.

How would you invert a string in C? Your answer will exhibit your experience in C and will give the interviewer an idea of how you think.

In Objective-C, what is posing? This is a minor part of C yet it tells the interviewer how much knowledge you have about C.

Explain the difference between frames and bounds? The answer to this question will tell the interviewer how much layout expertise you have.

What are the iOS application states? Find them if you can’t remember them.

What are the four abstraction layers in iOS? Be prepared to explain every one of them. Core OS layer, Media Layer, Core Services Layer, and Cocoa Touch Layer.

What experience you have with the iOS development kit and how much do you depend exclusively on it? This is an awesome tool and you should have some experience with it. But then, the interviewer wants to listen that you don’t depend on it totally, that you can be somewhat creative yourself.

Final Words

If you are not able to answer every one of the questions you are asked, especially the technical ones, there is nothing to panic about. In any case, don’t give that a chance to discourage you or cause you to freeze. The interviewer really wants to test the basic knowledge you have, your enthusiasm, communication skills and strengths. Try to answer every one of the questions with a free mind and in a relaxed way. Good Luck!

If you feel like you need a little grooming before you go for an interview, consider taking iOS training in Mohali, Chandigarh. We at Apptunix, make sure that our trainees develop the required skills and get a perfect job offer within the training period. Contact now!

As you have already spent a good amount of money on your engineering degree, the decision of spending an additional amount on an industrial training course should be taken wisely. But, if you choose a company just on the grounds of the fee it charges, there is a risk of not just wasting the precious time of your life but also the money of your parents.

Therefore, before selecting any company for iOS training in Mohali & Chandigarh, you must figure out a few things about that company to ensure its ability to deliver the effective training. Following are a few parameters that you must consider before taking the final decision:

Training Methodology and Course Material

The company or institute you choose should have a well-defined training technique and study material. Audio podcasts, video tutorials, PPTs, notes, and other supporting materials make even complex code easier to understand with fewer efforts. This material serves as a good technical reference or helps you even after the completion of your course.

Check Track Record

Do some research online and find out from how long the company providing iOS Training in Mohali & Chandigarh has been active. How is their reputation in the industry? Do they provide regular training to trainees or they introduce courses at a specified time? A few companies offer training only when they are in need of a fresher developer. It may serve as a plus point for you because in such scenarios you might get a chance to work on a live project.

Training Hours

The expertise in iOS development comes after lots of practice on the technologies which require more number of training hours. A number of companies specify the training duration of around 3-6 months. But, when you request for details, you will come to know that the class is of 2 hrs every day. So, always ask for the total number of training hours instead of total months. It is estimated that you need to spend at least 4 hours every day initially for 3 months to learn iOS development.

Find Out the Information about Trainers

For effective iOS Training in Mohali & Chandigarh, great course materials and long hours of training aren’t only enough. If that was the situation, most of you would have a job offer after engineering. So try to collect as much as possible information about your would be trainers. Requesting a biographical timeline of your trainers to find out whether he/she is having the relevant experience or not is not at all a crime. After all, it is the question of your career and you are spending money on it.

Industry Standard Fees

Doesn’t matter how great the course is, the charges always play an essential factor in selecting the company for iPhone training in Mohali. Consult at least 5-6 training institute about the fee they charge so that you can get an idea of the market standard. Depending on that, find out the best option and go for it. In case you find the best one costly, it’s your choice whether to compromise on expenses or quality.

Figure Out the Processes they Follow and Technologies They Use

iOS Training in Mohali & Chandigarh is not only about learning a particular programming language like Objective C or Swift. It is about gaining a real understanding of how concepts or ideas for iOS apps are translated into the feature rich and unit tested prototypes that get the app store approval. It is about how we can bring together Xcode, Swift and iOS SDK in work with third-party APIs.

So, it is very essential that the iOS training course you choose should have equal weight age to all above-mentioned processes and technologies. If not, you will end up being a developer who knows how to code but does not have any idea of what to code and why.

Placement Opportunities

A lot of iOS training institutes ensure placements, while others give no assurance, but tend to assist the students with placement after the completion of the course. Get an idea of the placement opportunities from different organizations. But, do not leave a good option just because they are not giving 100% placement guarantee.

If you do not have a job offer even after 4 years of engineering degree, how can you expect that somebody will promise you a job after a course of 3 or 6 months? It is better, to expect help but not assurance. If you are able to develop the required skills, you will surely get a job offer. No offense!

Don’t Join To Have Fun

Remember, you are not a student anymore! You are about to enter a professional environment so behave like a professional. Also do not follow “Where you go I go” scenario while selecting a company for Mobile App Development Training in Mohali, Chandigarh. Just because your friend joins an institute, don’t show up blindly and pay the charges as well. Get to know whether the company will help you in acquiring the required specialized skills or not. Rest everything is only an illusion to deviate you from your path.

So, when you go to find a company or iOS training institute, make sure to use this checklist to find out the right one. We at Apptunix are dedicated to making the iOS training process as seamless as possible along with being effective. If you want the best trainers, professional environment and hands-on experience of working on emerging technologies in iOS, give us a shot! For more information, you can contact us at 0172 4008203.

While the world of mobiles is changing our lifestyles habits on everyday basis, there still remains a question over whether mobile phones should be allowed in the classrooms or not?

The impact of mobiles we’ve seen from making us more informed, informative and confident about the world and our life in general has proved to be yet another blessing of technology.

From socializing, news-reading, activity tracking to listening music and watching movies, smartphones never let you get bored.

It comes as no surprise, that millennials turn out to be most active users of smartphones.

Smartphones open up a worldful of opportunities for this young generation to do more and stay focused to their goals.

There are mobiles apps for virtually every faculty of sports and learning. The way these apps help and get more done in an organized way.

That makes a valid argument for permitting the use of mobile phones in the classrooms that has until now been looked at scornfully by the educational institutions.

But there are reasons and indeed signs that such attitude might take a turn and change for better.

  • A fitting alternative to textbooks


The wealth of information that smartphones can bring up within a few tap of fingers is unmatched by any textbook.

You can find any number of references and more relevant information on a given topic of your subject. Textbooks can only offer limited context.

Add to that the burden of bulky books that are uncomfortable to carry around, they are becoming very unpopular among the younger generation.

  1. The future is mobile


With so much advance in the mobile technology, it’s becoming more and more evident that smartphones are futureproof.

It’s therefore safe to assume that any challenge that arises in the coming age and time, smartphones would be able to rise to the occasion and prove their worth.

That makes a good case for incorporating their usage in the classrooms or learning spaces.

Instead of thinking as a hindrance to learning, why not encourage students to learn through mobiles and then kick-start a conversation that’s more interactive and enticing to participate in.

When we expect more things to be done through the medium of smart devices, it’s a good idea to make children as much used to them in their formative years as possible.

  1. Staying attuned to the latest

More of an adjunct to the point about alternative to textbook, this one deserves a special mention.

The syllabi and the learning material keeps undergoing changes and at times way too frequently, in that instance, textbooks are rendered almost useless and misinformative.

Most of the content on the internet however is updated from time to time and that means if you’re relying on the web for reference, you’re safe and rightly informed.

Another reason why the use of smartphones should be given a clear-go and incorporated in the classrooms.

  1. Say no to old-fashioned notepads


Simple as it sounds, mobile phones let you quickly jot down important notes with the ease of voice.

This allows students to go paperless and without a pen to the school.

Not only contributing to the environment in a positive manner, mobile phones offer a more organized and safe place for all your important notes.

Students can easily take notes and mark them as important for further research and study. That takes losing out your note or having it washed in your clothes out of the equation.

  1. Staying attuned to important events

Relying on the conventional notice board for major updates could easily be negated with the use of smartphones.

Students can create their own list of important dates, upcoming events and set exam preparation alarms and such to keep themselves alarmed and informed at all times.

It takes very little effort to jot down something in your phone and add a reminder to it. That’s it, after that it’s your smartphone’s job to alert you of a given date.

  1. GPS tracking


The advanced GPS tracking feature can be really useful for parents.

From knowing if their kids are attending the school properly to sending help to them in case they get lost somewhere, GPS tracking can be a life-saver.

The facts just keep adding on in favour of the allowance of smartphones in the classrooms.

These are just some of the salients features as to why the usage of mobile phones in the classrooms should be encouraged.

As the technology moves forward, we’ll find out more advanced and beneficial ways to putting smartphones to good use in the overall educational structure.

Apptunix in their Industrial training in Chandigarh and Mohali fully accommodates the use of smartphones in their learning spaces.

Being technology savvy and embracing every new development, it focuses on the goods smart devices can bring to their students.

It has been observed that mobile phones have improved in the recent years. They have surpassed the phase of just calling or texting. You may utilize them in order to save money and be debt free. The mobile apps can also be used for maintaining your everyday costs.

The biggest issues for most of us to solve with several of the apps prevalent in the market is how to use them and how they can actually save the money.
We will discuss the mobile apps that created a buzz in 2016:
1. Buffer
It is an app that can assist you in sharing content to the various social media channels. One fine aspect about this app is that it lets you schedule the posts to be published at the best time. One can let Buffer decide what time is the finest.

2. PixxFly
This is yet another exciting app that facilitates the distribution of all your content to different channels across the internet with a mere click of a button. This app gives you the analytics for every post.

3. Pagemodo
This mobile app is utilized to set up various organization pages or Facebook business. It assists you in making interesting visual aspects and also features that are customized. This app motivates fan interaction without the need of any expert assistance. This app enables you to get the best content for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
4. Ibotta
This is an app that has got a direct relationship with the manufacturers and retailers. This is a highly cost efficient app. This app lets you do small alterations such as viewing a video or going through the nutrition label. When you have finished with that and bought the product you can get genuine cash sent to your through venmo or paypal. It’s surely a nice means for you to save money and get a nice cash back on wonderful products.
5. Gas Buddy
We have seen quite often that the prices for gas are changing day by day. The gas price may be one price for a day and a varied price for the next day. In case you want to ensure that you get the finest price on gas in your city, this is an app that would prove to be highly beneficial.
This app enables the users to upload the gas prices at some particular gas stations. The users will be aware where they actually want to move to in order to fill up.
6. Snip Snap
Snip Snap would be the best solution for you in case you prefer couponing but want to avoid possessing all the coupons on hand. This is a highly creative app which enables you to click a photo of your coupon and then scan it on your phone in the store. A nice aspect about this app is that it makes the process of couponing simpler.
7. Grocery IQ
This app provides you the ability to find coupons and deals in a simple way. It enables you to make some grocery lists by barcode, voice and text. Various lists may be made for your best stores with the help of this app.
8. Bill Tracker
In order to be systematic, you have to ensure that your bills are organized. This app makes it feasible for you to view your bill due dates and also the minimum payments. You can elevate your credit score with this app.
9. Retail me Not
This is a mobile app that will let you get your coupons with considerable ease. The finest aspect of this app is that the users rate the coupons so that the other users may view the success rates of the provided discounts.
10. Mint
This mobile app enables you to view where your money is going. This app will make you budget in a better way and see to it where most of your money is spent every month.
11. Key Ring
This is a wonderful app that helps you have your sanity. This app helps you get exclusive deals and coupons when you associate your loyalty program with this app.
12. Ebates
With this app, you can get some cash back from your purchases. You can get rewarded from this app when you do the shopping.
13. Yipit
With this app, you can eradicate your email overload. This app facilitates you to view the everyday deals that are progressing without the need of having to subscribe for email subscriptions for most of the stores you enjoy doing the shopping.

Those are about the best mobile apps of 2016. They all have some unique features about them and bring value to the user.
They serve some purpose, and make the life easier for people to get thing done. To develop mobile apps of such quality and one must be trained in every bit of
mobile app development.
And a thorough Industrial training is app development is the prerequisite for that. To find the best Industrial Training in Chandigarh and Mohali area, you won’t find any better alternative than Apptunix.
Apptunix has made many a mobile-app development experts through its top-notch Industrial Training.
The trainees are taught in every art of app-building, make to work on live-projects, assisted in their tasks by industry experts themselves.
That’s the kind of environment that any learner would dream of. Well it’s made possible at Apptunix – the providers of best Industrial Training in Chandigarh and Mohali.